Downtown Revitalization

Skiatook Downtown Revitalization Plan

In conjunction with the OU School of Architecture and Urban Design, the City Council and staff is proud to present a comprehensive plan for the future of Historic Downtown Skiatook.

This project represents 8 months of intensive work by the OU graduate program. The team conducted several public meetings to gather information and even attended the City's Pioneer Day Festival to solicit input from people throughout the community. All of the Information gathered was analyzed and organized into a detailed report to be used as a guideline for future actions.

If you are looking for more information about the City of Skiatook, the following plan is sure to satisfy your curiosity. The information presented includes demographics, maps, aerials, and much, much more. Also included are historic and current photos of the City. To learn more about Skiatook including the final recommendations for Downtown, view the Skiatook Downtown Revitalization Plan (PDF).
Skiatook Downtown Revitalization