EMS Services and Billing

The Skiatook Fire Department provides an ALS ambulance service for the City of Skiatook and the surrounding rural area. 

We currently staff 11 Paramedics, 6 AEMTs and 4 Basic EMT’s.  Citizens that are in the City limits are charged $7.00 on their utility bill each month for services.  Rural citizens that are on VVEC can subscribe through their utility bill with the same for $7.00 and rural citizens that are not on City or VVEC utilities can fill out a rural subscription form and pay an annual fee of $84.00 to be a part of the membership.  The fee covers any out of pocket costs to the subscriber for services.  This membership plan is NOT INSURANCE.  All insurance, Medicare and Medicaid claims will be processed by this service and all insurance, Medicare and Medicaid will be paid directly to this department.

Rural Subscription Form